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Link American Authors

Dr Donna Campbell’s (Washington State University) website on American authors from the seventeenth to twentieth centuries. Includes a timeline and...

American, Seventeeth-century, Eighteenth-century, Nineteenth-century, Twentieth-century view
Link Aphra Behn Online: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830

Open-access peer-reviewed journal on women and the arts from 1640-1830.

Women, Eighteenth-century, Seventeeth-century, Romantic, Nineteenth-century view
Link Early Modern Literary Studies

Open-access peer-reviewed journal on literature and language of the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries.

Early modern, Renaissance, Sixteenth-century, Seventeeth-century, Criticism view
Link Literary Interpretation: Interpreting Poetry

Course materials from MIT on lyric poetry from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century. Includes questions for further study.

Poetry, Analysis, Renaissance, Seventeeth-century, Romantic, Modernism, Twentieth-century view
Link Literature in English: Late-17th to Mid-19th Century

Itunes podcasts by Charles Altieri (UC Berkeley) on seventeenth- to nineteenth-century literature.

Seventeeth-century, Eighteenth-century, Nineteenth-century view
Link The Foundation of the Jamestown Colony in the Americas

This is an engravingl of the English Jamestown colony in the Americas in 1612 with a map of the coastline and a portrayal of the court of Powhatan...

Seventeeth-century, English colonialism, America, North America, Virginia, History view
Link The Leveller Petition September 1648

The original petition of the radical Levellers during the English Civil War on 11 September 1648. It illustrates their social and political...

English Civil War, Seventeeth-century, British politics, History view
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