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Link 100 actividades educativas online sobre ortografia, acentuacion y puntuacion para primaria en Humano Digital.

100 educational online activites to work Spanish ortography,accentuation and punctuation. The activities are oriented for Spanish speaking...

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Link 255 actividades gratuitas para trabajar la gramatica en el aula en Humano Digital

Humano Digital is an Argentinian CC website that covers different issues such as technology, art, science, Internet and TICS, … and education....

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Link El estilo indirecto con Mafalda

This activity from language provides a fun activity to learn and practise estilo indirect while enjoying the character by Quino, Mafalda...

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Link Free downloadable photographic material at is a website to promote French and Spanish. Most content is not for sharing but they have a section called Sharing where they share...

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Link Free downloadable videos on Chile, Ecuador and Peru

Videos on Chile, Ecuador and Peru to work on these countries or on traveling.

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Link Gominolabs

Gomino Labs is part of MolinoLabs at El Molino de Ideas. It provides different games to practice and evaluate your knowledge and improvement of...

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Link La educación prohibida

A video about education that you can download. It is long but the first 2 minutes provides a good opportunity to create debate at the Spanish...

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Link Molino de ideas

At Molino de Ideas, you will find services and products for Spanish native speakers and for students of Spanish as a foreign language. They...

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Link Molino Labs

It provides different tools to practice Spanish such as working with syllables, accents, proverbs, etc enhancing creativity.

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Link Onoma

ONOMA is the first verb conjugator in Spanish that provides information about how a recently created verb is going to work. It also gives...

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