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Link Under den Linden, Berlin May 4 1945

A photograph of Under den Linden in central Berlin where under direction of Soviet soldiers civilians clear away rubble from the street. This was...

Berlin, Second World War, Twentieth-century, Germany, History view
Link A map of western Russia 1908

A map of western Russia in 1908 from the Harmsworth Atlas and Gazetteer 1909, published in London.

Russian Empire, Twentieth-century, Historical Maps, Russian history, History view
Document A Summary of 20th century furniture style development

A Summary of 20th century furniture style development

Twentieth-century, Interior design, Interiors, Furnishings, Furniture, Designers view
Link American Authors

Dr Donna Campbell’s (Washington State University) website on American authors from the seventeenth to twentieth centuries. Includes a timeline and...

American, Seventeeth-century, Eighteenth-century, Nineteenth-century, Twentieth-century view
Document Assignment Questions for Furnishings and Interiors 1850 to the Present Day

Sample assignment questions for Furnishings and Interiors 1850 to the Present Day.

Assignment, Interior design, Interiors, Furnishings, Furniture, Nineteenth-century, Twentieth-century, Victorian view
Link Battle of Britain

The Imperial War Museum's Battle of Britain collection with a large number of contemporary photographs of individuals and aircraft and accounts of...

Twentieth-century, Second World War, History view
Link BBC Poetry Out Loud

Recordings of poets, including Tennyson, Heaney, Plath and others, reading their work.

Poetry, Poems, Nineteenth-century, Twentieth-century view
Link Bringing in other texts: Beckett's A Piece of Monologue

An exercise on Beckett's play.

Drama, Plays, Twentieth-century, Analysis, Samuel Beckett view
Link British Council: Contemporary Writers

Searchable directory of contemporary authors, including biographies, links, and bibliographies.

Contemporary, Twentieth-century, Fiction, Poetry, Drama view
Link Cultural and Literary Expression in Modernity

Online course on literary and cultural modernism.

Modernism, Twentieth-century, Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Prose, Postmodernism, Literary Theory view
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