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Link The Ancient City

This course focuses on the archaeology of the Greek and Roman city. It investigates the relationship between urban architecture and the political...

Rome, Greek, Athens, urban, Architecture, Roman architecture, sites, paestum, Pompeii, Classical view
Link Town and Country in Roman Britain

This course aims to look at the archaeology of various types of urban centres in the province of Britannia Roman Britain and the settlements in...

Roman, Britain, urban, town, country, Roman Britain view
Link Illustrated history of the Roman Empire

Solid overview of the Roman Empire (though no references to sources) and interactive maps.

Emperors, Year of the Four Emperors, Rome, Roman, urban, Classical view
Link Pompeii: art and architecture gallery

Images of some highlights from Pompeii, with descriptions.

Roman, urban, Pompeii, sites, Architecture view
Link Digital Roman Forum

Digital reconstruction of the Roman Forum as it would have looked in 400 CE.


Rome, Roman, urban, city, monuments, Architecture, Sculpture view
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