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Link Validity and Soundness

An article in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Argument, Validity, Soundness view
Link Types of Reliability

Research Methods Knowledge Base page from the Web Center for Social Research Methods (Cornell University) introduces the major forms of...

reliability, Validity, statistics view
Link Logic I, Fall 2009

Full course with lecture notes, readings, assignments etc.. It studies modern formal logic, including predicate logic and sentential calculus....

Reason, Argument, Validity, Formal logic view
Document Handout 11: Syllogistics IV

Reduction to the first figure, rules for validity, test for validity with Venn diagrams.

syllogism, Validity view
Document Trees (Additional Note 3)

More background about the tree method.

Validity, Formal logic view
Document Handout 7: Propositional Logic IV

Testing validity with the syntactical method; natural deduction.

Formal logic, Validity view
Document Validity Revisited (Additional Note 1)

Sketch of three related approaches to validity.

Formal logic, Validity view
Document Handout 1: Logic, the 'Art of Thinking'

Introduction to the course. Remarks on validity.

Formal logic, Validity view
Document Handout 11A: Validity for Syllogisms

Further information about testing validity using modus Felapton.

syllogism, Validity view
Document Meno Argument (Worksheet)

A Passage from Plato's Meno logically explored.

Validity, truth tables, Plato view
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