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Link Ancient Philosophy

Full course with lecture notes, assignments, text analysis presentations and related study materials

Greek philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, Knowledge, immortality, Free will, Socrates, Matter, Soul, Virtue, Justice, Happiness, Death view
Link Ethics, Fall 2009

Full course with readings, lecture notes, assignments etc.. It explores central topics in classical and contemporary ethics by examining...

Virtue, Non-naturalism, Non-cognitivism, Moral relativism, Goodness, Rightness, Justice, Free will, Moral responsibility, Plato, JS Mill, GE Moore, AJ Ayer, Nozick, Derek Parfit, Peter Singer view
Document Handout 4: Poetry and Soul

Two arguments against poetry from Bk II and III; an overview of the soul–city connections and the virtues in Bk IV.

Plato, Virtue, Soul, Poetry view
Link Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy

Open access, peer-reviewed journal.

Rationality, Morality, Moral responsibility, Moral luck, Virtue view
Link Literature and Ethical Values, Fall 2002

Full course with readings, syllabus, assignments etc.. It explores ethical concepts and implications of actions and commitments by studying texts...

ethics, Philosophy and literature, Morality, Virtue, Responsibilty, Politics, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Euripides, Ibsen, Dostoevsky, Dante, JS Mill, George Bernard Shaw, Conrad, Herman Melville view
Link Moral and political philosophy

Full course with video lectures, readings, assessments etc.. It introduces philosophical concepts and problems relating to political and social...

Virtue, Justice, Morality, Utilitarianism, Libertarianism, Deontology, Social contract theory, Locke, Bentham, Mill, Rawls, Kant, Nozick view
Document The Marks Of Monitory Memory: An Analysis Of The Shepheard Buss Rebus In Light Of The Moral Agenda Of Claude Paradin’s Heroicall Devices, J. R. Rallens

A preoccupation with virtue was embodied in many literary and aesthetic forms in early modern England, including the popular genre of emblem books...

Virtue, spirituality, Knowledge view
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