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Link Learning Chinese

This website included Chinese idioms, popular words, dialogue, extensive reading and allegories etc.

Chinese intermediate, Chinese advanced, Adorno view
Link The Domesday Book on-line

Describes the history of the Domesday Book, gives descritions of life at the time of its compilation, and provides information and links on...

Medieval, Local history, 11th century view

This website provides radio and TV. For English-speaking learners, these Chinese materials are designed to develop the learners' ability to listen...

Chinese radio, Chinese TV view
Document 'No one can serve two masters’:1 Female recusancy and rebellion during the Elizabethan period by Maria Neary

In its literal sense ‘recusant’ means a person who refuses to submit to an authority or to comply with a regulation. In its...

Recusant view
Document 'Shades Of Meaning': The Significance Of Hair Colour In Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret (1862) And Rossetti's Lady Lilith (1866–68, Altered 1872–73), Jessica Lenihan

In a culture obsessed with physiognomy, where the Victorian female body was a canvas of symbols to be read, the portrayal of hair – and...

Social history, Gender, Sexuality, 19th century view
Document 1. Introduction

Introduction to Vides Volume 6 - 2018.

Document A border to the unknown: folk ritual and interpretations of astrological phenomena in Edmond Halley’s A Description of the Passage of the Shadow of the Moon over England (1723) and James Catnach’s almanac, The Prophetic Messenger (1833), Anya Hancock

Halley’s widely circulated broadside presents one of the earliest rational analyses of a solar eclipse. In it, the Enlightenment scientist...

Enlightenment, Astrology view
Document A Chapel, a Novel, and the Word of God. Virginia Brookes

This essay attempts to portray two artefacts, the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church in Oxford, and the novel Adam Bede by George Eliot. These two...

Document A chivalric knight and deep sea dredging; or, ‘the everlasting thunder of the deep’ by Nicholas Pritchard

For Britons in the mid- to late nineteenth century the deep sea was starting to take a hold on the imagination. The successful...

Victorian view
Document A comparative study of Lady Hertford’s grotto at Marlborough and William Kent’s illustration of Spring in James Thomson's The Seasons. Richard D A Lamont

‘Poetry, Painting and Gardening, or the Science of Landscape, will forever by men of taste be deemed Three Sisters, or the Three Graces who dress...

History view
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