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Link Art Appreciation and Techniques

A thorough and thought-provoking thematic overview of most of the principal academic means of approach to the study of the visual arts. Heavily...

Link OCL Master Art Appreciation

A highly interactive introduction to some of the key concepts used in the academic analysis of works of visual art. Useful, but markedly  thin in...

Link "Cognitive psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to a course which introduces Cognitive Psychology. Memory, along with attention, perception, language, and decision making, are...

cognitive psychology, Chomsky, Cognition, motivation, Emotion, neuropsychology, attention, memory, Language, Knowledge, pattern recognition, object perception, problem solving, reasoning, decision making view
Link "Cultural Psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to an online course on Cultural Psychology. The course reviews the cultural, community, and ecological factors that play a role in...

Anthropology, sociology, Society, Culture, Psychology, Emotion, motivation, development, Morality view
Link "Industrial/Organizational Psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to an online course which introduces the topics of industrial/organizational psychology, or the application of psychological...

Psychology, industrial psychology, organizational psychology, organisational psychology, I/O psychology, workplace, psychology in the workplace, Employment, recruitment, Evaluation, employee, satisfaction, motivation, commitment, leadership, groups, teams view
Link "The Psychology of Learning and Behavior" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to a course entitled "The Psychology of Learning and Behavior" by The Saylor Foundation The course introduces the principles of...

introduction to psychology, psychological theories, theoretical approach, connectioninsm, Conditioning, behaviourism, cognitive theory, Learning, social theory view
Course A Special Relationship? Anglo-American relations from 1763 to the present

How did Britain’s relationship with the USA alter between the War of Independence and the war in Iraq, and why? We will examine whether it has,...

America, blighty, UK, USA view
Link African American Literature

Online course on African American literature from early oral narratives to present-day writing.

African American, Oral narratives, Fiction, Language, Poetry, Prose view
Link African Art

A very thorough, if rather dry, resource which offers extensive coverage of all aspects of the subject area. Heavily dependent upon text-based...

Africa view
Link American Art

A very thorough overview of the subject area from the Saylor Foundation, which provides a useful overview of the visual arts in both north and...

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