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Course Philosophy of Art

Art plays a large role in the lives of most people. But what is art? Why do we appreciate it? Is it because we enjoy it, because we learn from it...

Kant view
Course Islamic Mystical Poetry 2

The poetic tradition of Islam expresses an aspect very different from theological/legal understandings, and is centred on love, yearning and...

arabic, persian, Poems view
Course Africa: Cradle Of Humanity

As Charles Darwin rightly predicted, Africa is the cradle of humanity, not only of our own species but also of the very first members of our...

Africa, Archaeology, behavior, Evolution, hominin view
Course From Hogarth to Reynolds: English Visual Arts of the 18th Century

This course will focus upon the development of the visual arts in 18th century Britain. Topics to be explored will range from the riotous...

Course Introduction to Ethics

How should we make our decisions? How can we know what actions are morally right and wrong? This course explores the most important ways in which...

evil, good, Justice, Kant, moral, rights view
Course The Meaning of Life

What do philosophers have to say about the meaning of life? Why do some think that this question is meaningless? Does a scientific world view...

Life, meaning of life, meaningful life, philosophers, philosophical, Philosophy view
Link Invisible, a novel by Frank Egerton, uncut, unedited version

Uncut, unedited typescript of novel written by University of Oxford creative writing tutor, Frank Egerton. Typescript shows the novel before it...

Creative Writing, Fiction, Novels view
Link Grimm Grammar

Basic Grammar to go with 'Deutsch im Blick' developed by the University of Texas

Elementary German, Beginners German, German Language view
Link Radio Arlecchino (Italian)

This resource offers a selection of aural Italian grammar lessons (pod casts). Grammar examples and dialogs are built upon the escapades of...

Italian Language - All levels view
Link What you need to know to open a bank account in Italy

Some activities to find out about the documents required to open a bank account in Italy as a foreign citizen, and also to learn some bank jargon...

Italian language Level: Intermediate - Advanced view
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