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Link Art Since 1940

A resource which should be used selectively. Mainly consisting of lecture notes and other such materials posted on-line, this site does contain...

Document John Aubrey Reading List

A list of books and other resources useful for students attending this course.

Seventeenth century, John Aubrey, History of Medicine, Industrial history, Exploration, English Civil War view
Document "Prolegomena etc." (Handout 2)

Exploring the title; and notes about the analytical and synthetical methods.

Kant, Method view
Document 'Attar booklist

A short bibliography of translations of 'Attar's work in English.

Sufi poetry, Islamic mysticism, Attar view
Link 'Die Verwandlung' gap-fill exercise

A gap-fill exercise to practice adjective endings, using the opening passage of Franz Kafka's famous novella 'Die Verwandlung'. Suitable for...

Advanced German, Arts and History; Arts; German; Goethe; History; Lieder; Music; Poems; Poetry; Schubert, Beginners German, German Literature view
Document 'Iraqi: Sufi views of Love

A selection of important discussion about love, focusing on the Konya school that studied and carried on Ibn 'Arabi's teachings: extracts from...

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
Image collection french cartoon on victorian imperialisn

A French cartoon satirising the supposed duplicity of British interests in Africa, from 1898.

(my photo)

Queen Victoria, Victorian Culture, Victorian England, victorian history, Scramble for Africa view
Document 'Of the Original Contract': Outline (Handout 7)

An attempt to summarise the essay.

David Hume view
Document 'The Dialectic of Pure Reason' (§45) (Handout 9)

Background information about constitutive/regulative principles, the first paralogism and antinomy as examples, and the idea/ideal distinction....

Kant view
Document 'Who am I?' - Essay questions

Essay questions for the course 'Who am I?'

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