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Course A Clash of Civilizations? Contemporary global Christian-Muslim relationships

***PLEASE NOTE: This class will be held at Ewert House and not as originally advertised*** Are Christianity and Islam forever destined to clash?...

Christianity, Interfaith, international relations, Islam, radicalisation view
Course Ancient Greek 1

Ancient Greek is the language of Homer, Sophocles, Plato, the New Testament and many other texts. This class is designed for students with no...

Ancient Greek view
Course Art of the First World War

British art provides a marvellous insight into the First World War. We examine major war-artists: Nash, Nevinson, Sargent, and lesser-known ones...

Art, art history, C. R. W. Nevinson, Paul Nash view
Course Birds of a Feather: An Introduction to Ornithology

Birds are a diverse group that span beyond the visitors of our bird-tables. In this course we will explore aspects of bird biology, from diversity...

Bird conservation, Birds view
Course British Agricultural Revolution 1600-1870

Recent historical research has challenged previous ideas about the timing and nature of a British agricultural revolution when agricultural...

Archaeology, Agriculture, Agricultural history view
Course Chinese 1

This interactive course provides an introduction to Chinese language and culture. It is for complete beginners as well as those who have learnt...

chinese view
Course Composition - Vocal 1

This is a practical course for those interested in composing music of any genre. It will cover the skills common to all composition with a focus...

vocal, Composition view
Course Contemporary Climate Science

Climate affects the planning of our daily activities. It's variability also inflicts damage on individuals and entire economies...

weather, Climate change view
Course Everyday Life in Iron Age Britain

Life in Iron Age Britain was a complex pattern of work, social and ritual activity, conflict, and economic exchange. This course will examine how...

Britain, Iron Age view
Link Français Interactif

Developed by the University of Texas, this award-winning course programme for French beginners is based on an interactive and communicative...

Beginners French, Elementary French, French Grammar, French for teachers, French Audio & Video Materials view
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