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Link Suetonius’ Tiberius

This link takes you to a translation of Suetonius’ Tiberius

Rome, Latin, Suetonius, Tiberius view
Link Getting the most out of online research

This resource describes how to efficiently access and use online research and resources.

Information literacy, Finding information, Research skills, Search straegies, Internet view
Link Français Interactif – Chansons françaises

This link takes you to an accompanying section of the "Français Interactif" programme presenting 13 French songs, singers and/or bands, one for...

Intermediate French, French Cultural Aspects, French Songs, French for teachers view
Link Synthetic Biology

Course material for the 2012 course in Synthetic biology given by Dr. Jeffrey Barrick from the University of Texas. The online material includes...

Synthetic biology, Gene synthesis, Gene regulation, Genomics view
Link Tex’s French Grammar

This link takes you to a pedagogical reference French grammar originally produced by the University of Texas for its students. Comprehensive but...

Beginners French, Elementary French, Intermediate French, Advanced French, French Grammar, French for teachers view
Link French vocabulary - Les pièces d’un vélo

A 2-part activity on naming bicycle parts. Part 1 contains a listening comprehension activity and introduces relevant vocabulary. Part 2 provides...

Intermediate French, French listening, French vocabulary view
Link Islam, The Middle East and the West

A general 11-unit introduction to the study of the history of the Middle East, from the rise of Islam to the 21st century

Islam, History, Middle East, Islamic civilisation, Arab Empire, Ottoman Empire, Islamic Revolution view
Link J-Gram

This website has extensive explanations on Japanese grammar for different levels. It is also useful for those who prepare for JLPT.

Japanese Beginners, Japanese Elementary, Japanese Intermediate, Japanese Advanced, Japanese Grammar view
Link Français Interactif

Developed by the University of Texas, this award-winning course programme for French beginners is based on an interactive and communicative...

Beginners French, Elementary French, French Grammar, French for teachers, French Audio & Video Materials view
Link Wikibook on Animal Behaviour

An introductory online textbook on Animal Behaviour aimed at first year university students. Gives a good overview but lacks details and is still...

Ethology, Online biology textbook, Learning, Tinbergen, Human biology, Animal Behaviour view
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