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Link Arts of Latin America

A very thorough overview of a somewhat neglected area of cultural history, spanning a chronological timeline from Olmec era Mesoamerica to the...

Link Cultural and Literary Expression in Modernity

Online course on literary and cultural modernism.

Modernism, Twentieth-century, Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Prose, Postmodernism, Literary Theory view
Link Listening Gallery: Making Music Modern

A quiz, based around four examples of modern music, associated with the course "Making Music Modern".

Music, Modernism, Twentieth-century view
Link English Romantic Poetry

Online course on Romantic poetry.

Romantic, Poetry, Nineteenth-century, Eighteenth-century view
Link Choral Techniques

Choral Techniques is appropriate for those who rehearse choral ensembles and present them in concert and those who want to learn about choral...

Music, choral view
Link Germanic Music - Folk Songs

These three folk songs, which celebrate the joy of being outdoors when the weather is fine, are a good introduction to German folk music for...

German Language, Arts and History; Arts; German; Goethe; History; Lieder; Music; Poems; Poetry; Schubert, Beginners German, Elementary German, German Intermediate, Advanced German, German Culture view
Link African American Literature

Online course on African American literature from early oral narratives to present-day writing.

African American, Oral narratives, Fiction, Language, Poetry, Prose view
Link Music Fundamentals 3: Minor Scales and Keys

This is the third of five modules by Terry B. Ewell, dealing with the rudiments of music.

Music theory view
Link Developmental Biology

A comprehensive online course on developmental biology comprising 9 units and covering genes, embryonic development and evolution. Including short...

Eco-devo, Developmental biology, Molecular techniques view
Link "Industrial/Organizational Psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to an online course which introduces the topics of industrial/organizational psychology, or the application of psychological...

Psychology, industrial psychology, organizational psychology, organisational psychology, I/O psychology, workplace, psychology in the workplace, Employment, recruitment, Evaluation, employee, satisfaction, motivation, commitment, leadership, groups, teams view
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