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Image collection french cartoon on victorian imperialisn

A French cartoon satirising the supposed duplicity of British interests in Africa, from 1898.

(my photo)

Queen Victoria, Victorian Culture, Victorian England, victorian history, Scramble for Africa view
Image collection An English view of French terror

Infamous and striking print by English artist, James Gillray. It portrays the September Massacres, 1792, which heralded the beginning of the radical phase and the Terror - remarkably made whilst the Massacres actually taking place.


French Revolution, Terror, James Gillray, September Massacres, 1792 view
Document A Nation in Danger? The New World fears for the Old

The theme of the potential dangers of a second wave revolution was also picked up on in America – whose own revolution was far more consistently liberal. Whilst American and indeed British Whigs publically supported the French Revolution then, at...

1789, French Revolution, eighteenth century history, george washington view
Document A Nation in Embryo? Paine on Freedom & Tyranny

These extracts, from the first in a series of pamphlets written by Thomas Paine between 1776 and 1783, really illustrate Paine's political passions - and also his appeal. Note the striking emphasis he places on the tyrannous response of the...

American Revolution, Georgian Britain, Thomas Paine, eighteenth century history, common sense, 1776 view
Document A Snapshot of London Life

Extracts from Mayhew's classic studies of Victorian streetlife

Nineteenth century, victorian history, Victorian Culture, Victorian England, Henry Mayhew view
Image collection The Coming of Terror

In this remarkable cartoon, published weeks before the collapse of constitutional monarchy in France, King George III is shown examining a fashionably small portrait, or Cooper. The face however is that of Oliver Cromwell - as a reminder perhaps...

1792, Terror, French Revolution, king george III, James Gillray view
Document Albert Camus' The Plague

Short extracts from Camus' seminal work for criticism and review.

French history, Second World War, Nazi Germany view
Document Alexander Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Short extracts from Solzhenitsyn's seminal novel for criticism and review.

Stalin, Russian, 1950s, Cold War view
Document Anti-Terror Measures & Parliamentary Concerns

An extract from a House of Commons speech by an M.P. offering critical observations on government anti-Terror measures - note the ironic comparison to France.

william pitt, Terror, French Revolution, Georgian Britain view
Document Becoming Queen

Victoria's diary extracs on being told she was now queen

19th century, Queen Victoria, Victorian Culture, Victorian England, victorian history view
Document Bernhard Schlink's The Reader

Short extracts from Schlink's seminal novel for criticism and reivew.

German history, Nazi Germany, Second World War view
Document Birth of an Icon?

George III’s reputation remained intact and even enhanced in the last few years of his life despite or even because of his total absence from public view given his developed madness, and indeed in 1809 his jubilee was even publicly celebrated in...

king george III, eighteenth century history, Georgian Britain, Monarchy view
Image collection British cartoon on the American Revolution

The second of three cartoons on Britain and the American Revolution

This cartoon has a very different tone from the previous one. It shows two men sitting in a toilet or privy, with one of the men (on the left) apparently using pieces of...

American Revolution, Georgian Britain, Whigs, tories, Edmund Burke, william pitt, john wilkes view
Image collection Tory satire on American Revolution

The third of three cartoons on Britain and the American revolutionary movement

This print also takes a Tory approach to the conflict, in showing a group of Whigs look on and even assist in a murderous and savage attack on Britannia. Once...

American Revolution, Georgian Britain, Thomas Paine, john wilkes, Britannia view
Image collection American Revolution Cartoon 1774

One of three contemporary caricatures (cartoons) shown here offering satirical insights into the American conflict.

In this print America is shown as a female character under attack on all sides by leading British politicians, amongst them...

American Revolution, Georgian Britain, Lord North, Britannia, 18th century, Intolerable acts, Boston view
Document Burke the Prophet?: Reflections on the French Revolution

Interestingly it was Burke however who was the first to go public with his fears, in 1790. And his early warning of the dangers of French Revolution were in sharp contrast to his support for the American revolt -  they also appeared to be...

French Revolution, Georgian Britain, Edmund Burke, Terror, 18th century view
Document Central Government & Volunteering

Extracts from government correspondence discussing the potential, and indeed pitfalls, of local volunteer initatives. Note the central dilemma the author identifies - never fully resolved.

1792, Terror, volunteers, william pitt, Georgian Britain, revolutionary war view
Document Charles I and the English Civil War

Powerpoint presentation on Charles I and the English Civil War (week 2 of the course)

Charles I, Civil War, Levellers, Diggers, Trial and Execution of Charles, Agreement of the People, John Lilburne view
Document Class Coursework for History And The Novel

Class coursework exercises for History And The Novel: Europe And The Shadow Of War 1914 - 1953

First World War, Second World War, Russian Revolution, Hitler, Stalin, Occupied France view
Document Contemporary Views on Paine

And here two contrasting contemporary views on Paine, from very different ends of the political spectrum.

Georgian Britain, eighteenth century history, Thomas Paine, The rights of man view