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Document Kabir: his life and times

A brief introduction to what is known of the great Hindi poet, Kabir (d. ca. 1448), and the three surviving written versions of his poetry.

Document Uftade: poems

A series of poems extracted from Uftade's Divan.

Document Islamic Mystical Poetry booklist

This is a booklist covering all five weeks of the course, with suggested reading for each of the four poets as well as a brief general bibliography on Persian mystical poetry.

Sufi poetry, Islamic mysticism view
Document Oneness of Being

An extract from William Chittick's introduction to 'Iraqi's Divine Flashes: it gives a clear exposition of the Oneness of Being and the Perfect Human Being according to the school of Ibn 'Arabi.

Islamic mysticism, Islamic Philosophy, Ibn 'Arabi, al-Qunawi view
Document Baba Farid: proverbs

Baba Farid was renowned for pithy proverbs which encapsulated teachings. This selection has been made for group discussion.

Farid, Chishti, Sufis, Sufi poetry view
Document Hafiz: life and times, an introduction

This is a brief introduction to the life and times of Hafiz, considered by many to be the best lyric mystical poet of all time. We look at the city of Shiraz in the 14th century, the little that is known about Hafiz's personal life, and some of...

Hafiz, Shiraz, Sufi poetry, Sufism view
Document Week 4: Selected poems from Jami's Lawāʾih

This is a short selection from the Lawāʾih, including both the prose and poetic sections of certain 'Gleams' to give aflavour of Jami's method. The translations are by William Chittick, published in "Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light" by Sachiko...

Document Niyazi Misri poems

Four poems by Niyazi Misri, in a new translation by Stephen Hirtenstein.

Document The Diwan of Ibn 'Arabi

This is a brief introduction by Stephen Hirtenstein to the huge collection of poetry which Ibn 'Arabi wrote - not only the printed (Bulaq) edition of his poems but the whole collection which he made during the last years of his life.

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry, Ibn 'Arabi view
Document Fakhr al-din 'Iraqi: poems

A selection of some of 'Iraqi's poems in translation

Islamic mysticism, Sufi poetry view
Document Shushtari introduction

A brief introduction to the great mystical poet from al-Andalus, Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtari: an overview of his life and the special kind of poems that he wrote, which remain enduringly popular even today, especially in North Africa. 

Sufi poetry, Sufism view