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Document Shushtari: poems

The poems of Shushtari, who has been called 'the Rumi of western Islam', are famous throughout North Africa, and are a wonderful combination of deep contemplation and ordinary daily discourse. This selection is a modified version of Alvarez'...

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Document The Diwan of Ibn 'Arabi

This is a brief introduction by Stephen Hirtenstein to the huge collection of poetry which Ibn 'Arabi wrote - not only the printed (Bulaq) edition of his poems but the whole collection which he made during the last years of his life.

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Document The Symbol of the Nightingale

A paper by Professor Luce Lopez-Baralt of the symbolism of the nightingale in the poetry of St John of the Cross, and its origins in Islamic mysticism.

Document Uftade and the Ottoman Tradition

An introduction to the Ottoman period, the tradition of Divan poetry and music, and Uftade's life.

Document Uftade: poems

A series of poems extracted from Uftade's Divan.

Document Week 2: five poems by Hajji Bayram

These five poems by Hajji Bayram are well known and loved in Sufi circles in Turkey. They are the only ones considered to be authentically by Hajji Bayram, according to modern scholarship. Written in the simple folk style of Yunus Emre, they...

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Document Week 2: Hajji Bayram and the early Ottoman tradition

The early Ottoman tradition of Sufism constituted a remarkable flowering. In order to understand the poetic tradition of the Ottomans, especially Sufi poetry, one needs a certain understanding of the political, social and religious background of...

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Document Week 4: introduction to Jami's Lawāʾih

This is a brief introduction to Jami's Lawāʾih, one of his most famous works written in a combination of prose and poetry.

Document Week 4: Selected poems from Jami's Lawāʾih

This is a short selection from the Lawāʾih, including both the prose and poetic sections of certain 'Gleams' to give aflavour of Jami's method. The translations are by William Chittick, published in "Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light" by Sachiko...

Document Yunus Emre: life

A short overview of what is known of the life of the great Turkish poet Yunus Emre (d. 1320). 

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Document Yunus Emre: selected poems

A selection of seven poems by Yunus Emre in translation.

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