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Link John Locke, Second Treatise of Government, 1690

John Locke, Second Treatise of Government, 1690

Link Art Appreciation and Techniques

A thorough and thought-provoking thematic overview of most of the principal academic means of approach to the study of the visual arts. Heavily dependent upon on-line textual readings. Perhaps somewhat overwhelming in scope for the complete...

Link Art Since 1940

A resource which should be used selectively. Mainly consisting of lecture notes and other such materials posted on-line, this site does contain some useful materials: however students would need to be guided very carefully through selected...

Link Canoonet -Deutsche Wörterbücher und Grammatik

canoonet Search in the toolbar of your Web browser created by the University of Tubingen

canoonet always “standby”! You can now add canoonet to the search engines in the toolbar of your Web browser.

This service...

Link George Romney: Emma Hart as Circe c.1782

This link takes to to some useful information about George Romney's painting of  Emma Hart as Circe, c.1782, in the Tate Gallery, London

Link Help with Randomization investigations

The ‘freeware’ on this site enables users to carry out three types of randomization for appropriate randomization investigations

Link Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature

A 26-lecture series by Dale B. Martin, providing a historical study of the origins of Christianity. It analyses the literature of the earliest Christian movements in their historical context, focusing on their differences and emphasizing the the...

Document John Aubrey Reading List

A list of books and other resources useful for students attending this course.

Fiona McCall view
Link Learning Chinese

This website included Chinese idioms, popular words, dialogue, extensive reading and allegories etc.

Link OCL Master Art Appreciation

A highly interactive introduction to some of the key concepts used in the academic analysis of works of visual art. Useful, but markedly  thin in terms of on-line content.

Link Real Chinese

This website provides BBC’s online Chinese course.

Link The Domesday Book on-line

Describes the history of the Domesday Book, gives descritions of life at the time of its compilation, and provides information and links on related topics.

Link Under den Linden, Berlin May 4 1945

A photograph of Under den Linden in central Berlin where under direction of Soviet soldiers civilians clear away rubble from the street. This was very shortly after the surrender of the city.


This website provides radio and TV. For English-speaking learners, these Chinese materials are designed to develop the learners' ability to listen, speak, read and write, as well as the ability to communicate in social settings.

Link World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization

This volume - World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization - introduces the range, history and significance of the archaeological collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum, and sets out priorities for future research into...


“Bad Archaeology: exposing frauds, misconceptions and distortions.” This site maintains that “Bad Archaeology is all around us. Many of its ideas are pervasive in popular culture. Its publications sell more than publications dealing with real...

Link "Cognitive psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to a course which introduces Cognitive Psychology. Memory, along with attention, perception, language, and decision making, are among the most prominent topics within this broad and diverse field. This free course may be completed...

Link "Cultural Psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to an online course on Cultural Psychology. The course reviews the cultural, community, and ecological factors that play a role in how people perceive their environment. The goal of this course is to investigate the ways in which...

Link "Dopamine: the two-faced molecule behind addiction and Parkinson's disease". Short documentary

This short documentary presented by Prof. Fred Toates of the Open University, explores the role of dopamine in human behaviour, specifically in pleasure, reward and addiction. Features presentations on research work by Dr Lance Workman, Dr Kent...

Link "Industrial/Organizational Psychology" - Online Course by The Saylor Foundation

This is a link to an online course which introduces the topics of industrial/organizational psychology, or the application of psychological research and theory to human interaction in the workplace. Topics include employee evaluation/motivation,...



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