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    • Babylon city map

      Babylon city map, c. 600 - 500 BCE

    • George Smith

      George Smith - the first modern person to read theBabylonian Flood Myth

    • Ashurbanipal's Flood Tablet

      Ashurbanipal's Flood Tablet, Late Assyrian, c. 7th century BCE

Having left Egypt, assuming he really went there, Herodotus probably travelled via Tyre to the River Euphrates and down to Babylon, from where he produced a memorable description of the city. This may well have been inflential in the way that Plato imagined the metropolis of Atlantis and its environs. These photographs show various artefacts which enhance our knowledge of Babylon and shed light on its relationship with Plato's Atlantis.

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Monday, February 12, 2018
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BABYLON, ATLANTIS AND FLOOD MYTHS, © Steve Kershaw, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.