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Britain & the American Revolution: The Parricide, or Sketch of Modern Patriotism

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    • Tory satire on American Revolution

      The Parricide or Sketch of Modern Patriotism

The third of three cartoons on Britain and the American revolutionary movement

This print also takes a Tory approach to the conflict, in showing a group of Whigs look on and even assist in a murderous and savage attack on Britannia. Once again interestingly the conflict emphasises the ideological divide as much as the national one, with Americans and Britons shown amongst the Whigs. These included Thomas Paine (face above Britannia's head) and another appearance for Wilkes (to the right of America) with his characteristically skewed eyes.

(Image also appeared in The Westminster Magazine - this copy author's own)

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013
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