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    • Nero and Agrippina

      Coin showing Nero & Agrippina

    • Agrippina & Nero

      Relief showing Agrippina and Nero. Sebasteion-Sevgi Gönül Gallery, Aphrodisias

    • Nero and Agrippina

      Relief depicting Nero and Agrippina. Sebasteion-Sevgi Gönül Gallery, Aphrodisias.

Agrippina's influence is visible on coins minted in December 54 CE, which show her head facing Nero’s. On this relief from the Sebasteion at Aphrodisias Agrippina crowns Nero with a laurel wreath, in a scene referring to his accession as Emperor in 54 CE.

Coin: Museo Nazionale Romano: Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Rome
Relief: Sebasteion-Sevgi Gönül Gallery, Aphrodisias.

Photos © S.P. Kershaw

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Sunday, April 22, 2012
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NERO AND AGRIPPINA, © Steve Kershaw, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.