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    • Nero and Armenia

      Nero and Armenia, Sebasteion-Sevgi Gönül Gallery, Aphrodisias

Nero, wearing a cloak and sword-belt supports a slumped, naked personification of Armenia by the upper arms. She is wearing a soft, Eastern-style hat, and her bow and quiver are on the left. The heroic-style composition invites comparisons with the scene of Achilles and the Amazon Queen Penthesilea. The accompanying Greek inscription reads: [Neron] Klaudios Drousos Kaisar Sebastos Germanikos.. Sebasteion-Sevgi Gönül Gallery, Aphrodisias.

Photo © S.P. Kershaw

Date created: 
Friday, April 27, 2012
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NERO AND ARMENIA, © Steve Kershaw, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.