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Church plans on-line, 1818 - 1982


The archive of the Incorporated Church Building Society which includes over 15,000 files relating to applications by parishes for grants from the Society. Individual files may include application forms, correspondence, plans, building specifications, engravings or artists' impressions, certificates of satisfactory completion, parochial subscription lists, parish magazines, and photographs (from 1867 onwards). There are also minute books for the period 1818-1987 which record the proceedings of committees and AGMs, useful in filling in the gaps where files haven't survived. Some 12,300 plans are included in these files which, in some instances, are the only surviving evidence for the layout of the church before restoration. Where the church has since been demolished, it may be the only extant plan. Note this is now incorporated in the main Lambeth Palace archive.

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Friday, September 21, 2012
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