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Geological Conservation Review (GCR)

Website giving details of field localities.  The Geological Conservation Review Series is a set of printed books, produced by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. 

Enter a place name or geological topic in the search box to bring up the relevant pages from the GCR publications.

Site details, map references, B/W geological sketch maps and illustrations.

“In addition to the detailed site reports available in the 45-volume series, JNCC has developed the GCR site database, which contains basic site information for the 3000 GCR sites already selected together with some fuller reports (as published in GCR books) that have been converted to digital forms suitable for provision via the GCR database. Users of the resource can search for information in various ways, for example by site name, geographical location or geological context”.

 Link takes you to the index for the volumes.

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Monday, October 1, 2012
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