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This website is a truly welcome presence on the Internet for its commitment to collecting and evaluating useful Internet resources on the Islamic faith. Maintained by Dr Alan Godlas at the University of Georgia, these pages seek to provide a scholarly overview of Islam, and Islam related issues, with the site divided into a series of categories that introduce the reader to an array of historical and contemporary discussions, but which are detailed enough to entice the most discerning of users. By combining introductory summary material with links to additional external sites, the author provides not only a brief tutorial in Islam but simultaneously identifies and critiques the best Islamic resources on the net. Categories include everything from the basic divisions in Islam, to mysticism, science, women's issues, history and art. Most sections offer additional bibliographic material, and new students will find the collection of bibliographic links and glossary of terms especially helpful. Those who wish to learn about Islam through electronic resources while remaining confident of the quality of material would do well to begin here.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012
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