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Modern Greek Painters: Yannis Tsarouchis "Neon Cafe at Night"

Improve your Greek by talking about some of the most important paintings in the Greek world. Discover new aspects of modern Greek art and culture while learning about the painters and other visual artists.

"Neon Cafe at Night", 1965-1966

Yannis Tsarouchis (1910-1989) was an important 20th-century Greek painter. He was among the artists leading the movement for the introduction of Greek tradition in painting. His work moved in two main directions: toward the orientalist and sensual, with strong influences from Matisse, and toward the ancient Greek ideal as expressed by the Renaissance and the Baroque movements. In doing so, he played a pivotal role in portraying and shaping modern Greek identity, alongside contemporaries, all members of the Armos art group, established in 1949.

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