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Link Week 7 -The North Briton No. 45

Read the extract from John Wilkes' North Briton No.45 where he attacks the Prime Minister the Earl of Bute 

Link Week 8 - Clive of India

A picture by Benjamin West, commemorating the granting of the 'diwani' to Robert Clive 

Link Week 8 - Common Sense

Read this short extract from Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Read pages 17-21 (from 'I have heard it asserted by some')

Link Week 8 - The Life of Olaudah Equiano

Read 'The Life of Olaudah Equiano' pages 36-42 

Link Week 9 - Rights of Man

Read the short extract from Thomas Paine's 'The Rights of Man' p. 16-24 (this makes up just four paragraphs)

Link week 9 - James Gillray Cartoons

See the 'Birmingham Toast' ridiculing the English Jacobins. Although taking a conservative stance Gillray often ridiculed Pitt as well see ...

Link Week 9 -Edmund Burke

Read pages 20-22 'the harm the French Revolution has done'. 


This podcast gives you a brief introduction to the course from your tutor, Dr. Steve Kershaw.

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Link Weltbekannte Deutsche - Quiz

Learners will improve their cultural awareness on the topic of famous German people and will practice the vocabulary on this topic. by the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE)

Document Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages: Course Reading List

Course Reading List for 'From Civilisation to Barbarism? Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages' 

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Document Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages: Internet Resource List

Links to sites of use and interest for students of Early Medieval Western Britain (Tutor is not responsible for external content)

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Document Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages: Supplementary Reading List

Additional sources relating to Early Medieval Britain, to support home study of students taking 'From Civilisation to Barbarism? Western Britain in the Early Middle Ages'


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Video What are OER and Open licensing

Short presentation providing an overview of OER and Open licensing. Note if you have trouble playing this file, open it in a browser. Alternatively view in YouTube:...

Document What does the concept of character mean in creative prose?

Notes on the subject of character in fiction.

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Link What Dogs Tell Us

A 30 min video recording of a discussion with Michael Kotlikoff, Dean in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and one of the world's foremost experts in canine genetics, Adam Boyko from Cornell University about how dogs can teach us new things...

Link What Happens When Things Go Wrong - Youtube Clip

Professor Paul Bloom, Yale University, gives a lecture on psychopathology. He discusses the various ways of defining mental illness before reviewing classes of psychological disorders. The illnesses he covers include schizophrenia, anxiety...

Link What Is a Classic? English Graduate Conference 2012

Selected recordings of conference proceedings.

Document What is a theme?

Consideration of themes in fiction.

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Link What is heritage?

An introduction to heritage studies. This learning unit introduces the concept of heritage and its critical study, exploring the role of heritage in both past and contemporary societies.


Link What Is Poetry?

Open University online course on poetic form and techniques.



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