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Document Volunteer Songs

An extract from a Local Volunteer song, clearly designed to whip up patriotic support.

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This link takes you to a site dedicated to the sources about Vortigern, and also about his time. You will find discussions about the sources in general, as well as part of the original texts both in Latin and English. There is also...


This link takes you to interesting material about Roman Wall painting

Link Wallace Stevens as an American Poet

Stanford University video lecture on Wallace Stevens, by Harvard University Professor Helen Vendler.

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Link Web-based Research - Learning Unit 4

Unit 4 of a course on academic research and writing for literature and language students.

Link Websites relevant to ecclesiastical history

A collection of websites relevant to ecclesiastical history created by the ecclesiastical history society.

Image collection The Portland Vase, The Portland Vase, The Portland Vase, Blue jasperware copy of the Portland Vase. Wedgwood c. 1791., Black jasperware copy of the Portland Vase. Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, c. 1790., Black jasperware copy of the Portland Vase. Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, c. 1790.

The Portland Vase is a cameo glass vessel which was probably made in Rome circa 15 BCE - 25 CE. It is unquestionably one of the finest surviving pieces of Roman glasswae, and it takes its name from the Dukes of Portland, who owned it from 1785 to...

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Document Week 1

Overview of the course

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Document Week 1 - Act of Settlement 1701

Abridged version of the Act of Settlement. See also

Document Week 1 - Declaration of William of Orange.

An abridged version of William III's declaration. A full version can be found at An

Document Week 1 - The Bill of Rights

Abridged version of the English Bill of Rights.  Also see

Link Week 10 - Cartoon 'The System Works'

Cartoon by Cruikshank in 1831. A mill representing the notorious 'rotten boroughs' churns out money and sinecures.

Link Week 10 - Lord Macaulay's speech in favour of Reform

Lord Macaulay's speech in favour of reform (abridged). 

Document Week 10 - Speech by Sir Robert Peel

An (abridged) speech by Sir Robert Peel against the cause of reform. A full version can be found here

Document Week 1: Overview of the course

The beginning of OOP in C++ and Java

Document Week 1: Shabistarī's 'Gulshan-i-rāz

Excerpts from Inquiry 2, on Reflection (tafakkur).

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Document Week 1: three poems by Hafiz

A selection of three ghazals by Hafiz which will be studied in the class.

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Document Week 1:Texts

Some quotations on the theme of reflection within Islamic thought, and the text read in class; The Chinese and Greek Painters, from Rumi's 'Mathmawi'.

Document Week 2

Arab and Indian mathematics and the number zero.



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