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Link What Is Tragedy?

Oxford University podcast series on tragedy.

Link What you need to know to open a bank account in Italy

Some activities to find out about the documents required to open a bank account in Italy as a foreign citizen, and also to learn some bank jargon and idiomatic expressions.

Document When costume became fashion in Victorian dress: An exploration of historicity, exoticism and convention in E.W. Godwin’s ‘A Lecture on Dress’ and Lady Clementina Hawarden’s ‘Study from Life’, Kenya Hunt

Many modern day ideas about women’s dress in fact have their origins in concepts that began in the Victorian era: beauty and utility, historicity and conventionality. As a result, it is important to look at the two poles of adornment and how they...

Link Where may truth lie? Fiction in memory, memory in fiction

Oxford Centre for Life-Writing podcast of novelist and memoirist Candia McWilliam's Weinrebe Lecture in Life-Writing, in which she attests to the edifying power of fiction and biography to help us see the world through the eyes of others. Lecture...


The journalist who broke the news of the Pope's resignation got the scoop because she understood spoken Latin!


There is some interesting research by Dr Iosif Lazaridis and colleagues from Harvard Medical School, which focusses on burials from both the Minoan civilization, and the Mycenaean culture using DNA analysis.


This brief article explores why a tale created by Plato over 2000 years ago still remains popular.

Video Why release your content as OER?

Short presentation covering the reasons individual tutors and institutions might want to release content as OER. Note if you have trouble playing this file, open it in a browser.

Link Why the Novel Matters

D.H. Lawrence, “Why the Novel Matters” (1925)

Link Wie alt bist du? - Quiz

How well do you know your numbers in German? by the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE)

Link Wikibook on Animal Behaviour

An introductory online textbook on Animal Behaviour aimed at first year university students. Gives a good overview but lacks details and is still under development.

Document Wilkes & The Power of Words

The emerging power of the press, and the media generally, really began to show itself however in the 1760s, thanks to the work of this man – Wilkes and indeed the man who caricatured him, Hogarth.  In the early 1760s, Wilkes had started up a...

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Document William Ewart Gladstone in Two Perspectives: John Everett Millais’ Private Portrait and John Tenniel’s Public Political Cartoons, Ian M Williams

Three pieces of work by John Tenniel in the genre of political cartoons, and a John Everett Millais oil-oncanvas portrait commissioned by Christ Church College, Oxford, have been selected as artefacts for analysis.
They will be used to...

Image collection Wedgwood and his Greek influences, AEGR's dedication plate

Baron d'Hancarville's AEGR, published between 1767 and 1776, is rightly acclaimed for containing some of the most beautifil ilustrations ever to grace a scholarly publication. It also provided valuable source material for artists and...

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Link William Harvey Du Motu Cordis (1628)

University of Glasgow, book of the month, June 2007, William Harvey's work on the circulation of the blood, Du Motu Cordis.

Link William S. Burroughs – On Writing

Transcript of talk by novelist William S Burroughs at the Jack Karouac Conference, Naropa University, Bolder Colorado, 23 July 1982. Burroughs talks about his friendship with Karouac and in doing so gives his own unique insights into the craft of...

Document Wiltshire witchcraft cases mentioned by John Aubrey

Extracts from W. Notestein, A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718 (Baltimore, 1911) and Indictments for witchcraft on the Western Circuit from 1670 to 1712,"

listed for Wiltshire in F. Inderwick, Sidelights on...

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Link Winston Churchill and the Bombing of Dresden

In 1945 the bombing of Dresden was one of the most controversial actions of British policy in the Second World War. This resource explores the reasons behind the decision to bomb the city, the consequences

of that decision and the role...

Link Women and Confucianism

Notes, quotes and discussion points concerning the influence of Confucian ideology on the role and status of women in China

Document Women and the Indian Mutiny: Framing the Mutiny in a Punch Cartoon and a Lucknow Diary, Anna Matei

Artefacts and news coverage created in Britain during the Indian mutiny represented and interpreted that conflict, creating meaning for the public and the victims of the mutiny. Tenniel’s Punch cartoon ‘The British Lion’s Vengeance on the Bengal...



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