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Document Week 2

Constants, variables and functions

Vasos Pavlika view
Link Week 2 - A Jacobite Ballad

A Jacobite ballad ridiculing George I and his mistress the Duchess of Munster

Link Week 2 - Craftsman No. 172

The Craftsman was created in opposition to the premiership of Sir Robert Walpole. Read No. 172 which discusses the 'Robinocracy', this can be found on pages 152-8 (the link should take you directly there). 

Link Week 2 - Idol-Worship or the way to preferment

Satirical Image on the rule of Sir Robert Walpole from around 1740 

Document Week 2 Texts

The Meeting with the Simurgh: extract from 'Attar's 'Conference of the Birds'

Jane Clark view
Document Week 2, Was there a seventeenth-century yeoman's agriculture revolution?

Explores the technical farming and institutional changes of the 17th and early 18th centuries, and evaluates evidence for a 17th-century yeoman's agricultual revolution.

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Document Week 2, work covered, work set

My notes for the opening lecture on Tacitus Annals XIV are attached.  Also the brief talk on Ovid.  We are preparing Ovid Amores 1.2 and Tacitus Annals XIV 4 and 5.

Alison Samuels view
Document Week 2: five poems by Hajji Bayram

These five poems by Hajji Bayram are well known and loved in Sufi circles in Turkey. They are the only ones considered to be authentically by Hajji Bayram, according to modern scholarship. Written in the simple folk style of Yunus Emre, they...

Stephen Hirtenstein view
Document Week 2: Hajji Bayram and the early Ottoman tradition

The early Ottoman tradition of Sufism constituted a remarkable flowering. In order to understand the poetic tradition of the Ottomans, especially Sufi poetry, one needs a certain understanding of the political, social and religious background of...

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Document Week 2: Texts

'The Meeting with the Simurgh' from Conference of the Birds', in the translation by Dick Davies and Afkahm Darbandi (Penguin,1984)

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Document Week 2: Variables and program structure.

The use of selection, loops and functions

Link Week 3 - Excise in Triumph

Satire on Walpole's excise scheme of 1733. 

Link Week 3 -Death of General Wolfe

Painting by Benjamin West, painted in 1770

Link Week 3 The Idea of a Patriot King

The Idea of A Patriot King was written in 1738 but on published in 1749. by Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke  His section on the military is a classic example of advocacy for a 'Blue Water Policy' and suspicion of standing armies,...

Document Week 3, Improved farming methods

New crops and systems in the 18th century

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Document Week 3: Selected Poems of Amir Khusrau

A selection of seven poems taken from Paul Lozensky and Sunil Sharma,  In the Bazaar of Love, Penguin, London, 2013.


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Document Week 3: Two poems by Jami

Two ghazals from Jami's 'Diwan' to supplement the material studied in clas

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Link Week 4 - Principles of Population

Thomas Malthus: An Essay on the Principle of Population Part 1. Read pages 397-400. This is Malthus' breif 'sketch of the state of society in England'



Link Week 4 - Thoughts on the Education of Daughters - Part 2

Read the chapters on 'Reading' and 'Boarding Schools' pages 48-60 (only 12 pages). 

Link Week 4 - Thoughts on the Education of Daughters Part 1

Mary Wolstonecraft - Thoughts on the education of daughters, read pages 144-147 'On Card=Playing'. This gives an indication of  some of Wolstonecraft's views on women's recreation 



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