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Document Week 4, The growth of landed estates and capitalist farms

Week 4 slides

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Document Week 4: introduction to Jami's Lawāʾih

This is a brief introduction to Jami's Lawāʾih, one of his most famous works written in a combination of prose and poetry.

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Document Week 4: Saʿdi: Introductory Talk

An Brief Introduction to the Life and Works of Saʿdi Shīrāzī

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Document Week 4: Selected poems from Jami's Lawāʾih

This is a short selection from the Lawāʾih, including both the prose and poetic sections of certain 'Gleams' to give aflavour of Jami's method. The translations are by William Chittick, published in "Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light" by Sachiko...

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Document Week 4: Texts

Selected Poems by Saʿdi Shīrāzī

Link Week 5 - A Poem by Robert Burns

'Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation' was written in 1791 (highlighting a lingering hostility towards the union almost a century later), it articulates many of the popular anti-union feelings after 1707. 

Link Week 5 - Portrait of George III

Image of George III, popular monarchism was at its height during the early 1800's. 

Document Week 5 - The Act of Union

An abridged version of the Act of Union 1707. For the full document see

Document Week 5, Enclosure in the lowlands

Week 5 slides, Enclosure in the lowlands

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Document Week 5: Poems by Aʾisha al-Bāʿūniyya

Five poems from Aʾisha's collection of poems entitled 'Emanations of Grace', translated by Th. Emil Homerin

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Link Week 6 - Proceedings of the Old Bailey

28th of August 1723, a record of the indictments and punishments for a range of crimes in the early 18th century. Note the lack of Prison sentences instead we see Death, Corporal Punishment, Transportation or Acquital 

Link Week 6 - The Nine Principles of Policing

Probably composed by Charles Rowan and Richard Mayne, these principles set out a set of principles for Peel's new Metropolitan Police force

Link Week 6 - The Panopticon

Read pages 5-12, a description of Bentham's prison the 'Panopticon'.  Also look at this image of the design

Document Week 6, Enclosure in the uplands

Course slides, Enclosure in the uplands

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Link Week 7 - The Tories and Whigs Pulling for a Crown

An example of a cartoon from the Regency Crisis of 1788-9.

Link Week 7 - The Wealth of Nations

Read chapter two of book one (pages 16-20) of the Wealth of Nations. Pay particular attention to the idea of 'self-love'  and 'interest' mentioned on page 17. 

Link Week 7 -The North Briton No. 45

Read the extract from John Wilkes' North Briton No.45 where he attacks the Prime Minister the Earl of Bute 

Document Week 7, The role of agricultural improvers and land agents

Week 7 class slides

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Link Week 8 - Clive of India

A picture by Benjamin West, commemorating the granting of the 'diwani' to Robert Clive 

Link Week 8 - Common Sense

Read this short extract from Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Read pages 17-21 (from 'I have heard it asserted by some')



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