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This link gives you video excerpts from the dismantlement and transportation of metopes from the Parthenon to the Acropolis Museum. The Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) is a special peripheral service of the Ministry of Culture. It was...

Video Actium: A turning point in world history

The Battle of Actium, where the forces of Octavian and Agrippa defeated those of Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BCE, proved to be one of the turning points in world history. Taking in characters such as Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius, Octavian,...

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Link Actividades de Todoele

In the section Materiales didácticos, there is a subsection called Actividades. There you will find activities that specify grammar, functional and cultural content for each activity.

Link Activités pédagogiques - FLE

A directory compiled by Flenet (Français Langue Étrangère et Internet) which lists links to websites containing activities, games, exercises, quizes, visual and audio materials for teaching and/or learning French.

Document Additional Note: 'If, then': The Material Conditional

An attempt further to clarify the problematic link between natural language conditionals and the material implication.

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Document Additional Note: 'Unless' and Precedence

A further explanation of how to formalise 'unless', and comments about precendence and the importance of brackets.

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Document Additional Note: Clarifying the Rules for Trees

Further explanation of the puzzle we noted in the sixth class.

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Document Additional Note: Destructive Dilemma

A direct comparison of the tree method and natural deduction. For thinking it through.

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Document Additional Note: Testing Validity: QL and Natural Deduction

A four-page sheet that tries to explain the ND-rules for the quantifiers as transparently as possible.

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Document Adjetivos, verbos Ser e Estar

PowerPoit used for introducing the verbs Ser and Estar.

Audio Adorno on history as nature

Podcast from Week 9of Philosophy of History course: Adorno on history as nature (5:05 minutes long) See accompanying slides Adorno’s philosophy of history

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Document Adorno’s philosophy of history

Slides to accompany Week 9 class from Philosophy of history course on Adorno’s philosophy of history (see accompanying podcast Adorno on history as nature )

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Link Advanced Japanese I

This material was designed at MIT for advanced learners of Japanese. The study material section gives you a list of kanji with readings, meanings, and usage examples. The list also shows you how kanji look in handwriting.

Link Advanced Japanese II

This material was designed at MIT for advanced learners of Japanese. The related resources section gives you a list of links to websites that are useful to learning Japanese, including major Japanese news sites.

Link Advanced Political Economy

Series of lectures on Advanced Political Economy by Professor Steven Keen of the University of Western Sydney.
Powerpoint and Audio Visual lectures considering the failure of neoclassical economics in the light of the global credit crunch...

Link Advances in the Study of Human Cognitive Evolution

A lecture series comprising 11 lectures on human cognition covering a wide range of topics including the evolution of language, neuroscience and primate behaviour. Produced by the University of Oxford.


There is a useful Guide to Chronology and Terminology on Dartmouth College’s Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology website.


This link takes you to a coin of Aemilius Aemilianus on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website, where you will find other useful links and information about him.

Link African American Literature

Online course on African American literature from early oral narratives to present-day writing.

Link African Art

A very thorough, if rather dry, resource which offers extensive coverage of all aspects of the subject area. Heavily dependent upon text-based readings, as opposed to inter-active or visual resources.



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