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Link Alan Hollinghurst, in conversation with Hermione Lee

Oxford Centre for Life-Writing podcast of discussion between Hermione Lee and the Booker Prize-winning novelist Alan Hollighurst about the relationship between fiction and auto/biography. Discussion was one of the Weinrebe Lectures in Life-...


This link takes you to an image of Alaric in Athens by Ludwig Thiersch.

Document Albert Camus' The Plague

Short extracts from Camus' seminal work for criticism and review.

Kate Watson view
Document Alexander Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Short extracts from Solzhenitsyn's seminal novel for criticism and review.

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Document Alive, yet dead: Mourning in the Victorian period, Sandra Franz

This article explores the attitude towards death through two different sources – a photograph of parents posing with their deceased infant as an example of post­mortem photography and Alfred Lord Tennyson’s elegies In Memoriam published...

Link Alkhazina

'Alkhazina' is an intelligent, well-balanced and therefore much-needed database on Islamic culture in the Middle East. Developed as a teaching resource by Princeton University, it concentrates on Islamic civilisation from the 8th till the 14th...

Link All About His Mother: Reading Proust's Letters

Oxford Centre for Life-Writing podcast of lecture by Professor Michael Wood about interdisciplinary aspects of life-writing. Inaugural lecture of the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing delivered on 15 November 2011.


This link takes you to an enchanting website all about Roman roads

Link Allgemeinwissen - Quiz

Eight general knowledge questions on German-speaking countries by the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE)

Link Allied propaganda posters of the First World War

A selection of forty-six posters created by the allied powers during the First World War to bolster morale during the conflict and to raise bonds to cover the huge cost of the war. The posters come from an exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum...

Link Allpsych - the Virtual Psychology Classroom

AllPsych is dedicated to the education of psychology and this is a link to the website which contains a number of useful materials and references, such as free e- textbooks representing some major courses in the field of psychology, online tests...

Link Als wär’ es ein Stueck von uns . . . German Politics and Society

This essay by Maier, Charles...


This link takes you to a translation of Ambrose's Letters

Link American Art

A very thorough overview of the subject area from the Saylor Foundation, which provides a useful overview of the visual arts in both north and south America, from the seventeenth century to the present day. Heavily dependent upon on-line textual...

Link American Authors

Dr Donna Campbell’s (Washington State University) website on American authors from the seventeenth to twentieth centuries. Includes a timeline and overviews of literary movements, and links to digital texts, bibliographies, critical commentary,...

Link American Literature I: Beginnings to Civil War

New York University online course on early American Literature. Includes video lectures and post-lecture notes/Q&A.

Link American Masters: Alfred Steiglitz

A useful set of related on-line texts and videos covering the life and work of this crucially important  American photographer.

Link American political thought

Full course with audio lectures, lecture notes, readings, video lectures etc.. It studies writings and speeches, covering a wide selection of topics, including the influence of Enlightenment philosophers on American founding fathers.

Link American Psychological Association

Website of the American Psychological Association, containing information on many psychological topics.

Link America’s First Look Into the Camera: Daguerreotype Portraits and Views 1839 – 1864

A useful and compendious on-line overview of early American photography, provided by the Library of Congress. Provides a strong focus upon the work of the Civil War photographer Matthew Brady.



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