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Link An Introduction to the Personal Construct Psychology of George A. Kelly

Article outlining the beliefs of George A Kelly and his 20 years of pioneering work in social psychology.

Link An Introduction to the Science of Climate and Climate Change

This free short course has been designed to give you an introduction to climate science and modelling, and how to go about interpreting the results of climate modelling experiments.

Document An Introduction to ʿAbd al-Ghanī al-Nabulusi (d. 1731)

An overview of the life and times of the famous Ottoman poet of Damascus.

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Link An open source solver platform

An open source solver platform for global optimization problems.
The code can be downloaded here.

Document An Opium Pipe in a Collection and in Journalism, Joe Dunnage

An Opium Pipe in a Collection and in Journalism: A comparison between a Chando Pipe from the Bragge Collection at the British Museum and ‘East London Opium Smokers’, London Society: An illustrated magazine of light and amusing literature for the...

Link Analects of Confucius

English translation of Confucius's Analects (Lun Yu) by A. Charles Muller

Link Analysis of Contemporary Architecture

A heavily text-oriented course provided by MIT, which explores the work of some of the most canonical architects of the Modernist generation. Heavily dependent upon textual reading materials which the students are obliged to source for themselves...

Link Ancestral voices: the earliest English literature

This full set of online course materials developed by the Department for Continuing Education, Oxford aims to dispel the myth that Old English literature is either dreary, difficult, or only about drinking and fighting, and will introduce...

Link Ancient and Medieval Church History

Complete Online course in early Church history from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Link Ancient and Medieval philosophy

A course exploring figures and themes in ancient and medieval philosophy, with video lectures, readings, etc..

Link Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

A complete online course from Notre Dame University exploring the evolution of Western philosophy from Plato to Aquinas. 

Link Ancient Philosophy

Full course with lecture notes, assignments, text analysis presentations and related study materials

Link Ancient philosophy and mathematics

A course exploring the relation of philosophical and mathematical thought in antiquity, with topics, reading lists, a glossary of terms and assignments.


This site gives a very helpful alphabetical list of ancient sources, along with links to online translations (where available) and other useful information.

Link Ancient Theories of Soul

Entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by H. Lorenz, 2009. See section 3 for Plato's account.

Link Animal Behavior and Welfare

A recorded lecture from Cornell University of the 2010 lecture by Temple Grandin from Colerado State University on animal behaviour and welfare. The lecture focuses on behaviour and welfare of livestock and especially on fear in pigs and cattle...

Link Anti-Nicene Fathers

A collection of early Christian writings (pre-Nicene Creed c. 325AD).

Document Anti-Terror Measures & Parliamentary Concerns

An extract from a House of Commons speech by an M.P. offering critical observations on government anti-Terror measures - note the ironic comparison to France.

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This link takes you to a digitised version of Antiquités étrusques, grecques et romaines, ou les beaux vases étrusques, grecs et romains, et les peintures rendues avec les couleurs qui leur sont propres gravées par F. A. David ; avec...

Link Antiquities of the Jews, Book 19

This link takes you to a translation of Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, Book 19



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