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Weekly class: Weekly classes are part-time classes open to all. Topics are studied in depth over a period of 10 or 20 weeks. They are accredited at FHEQ level 4 and course work is an integral part of each syllabus. Got to the department website to see all our weekly classes.

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Course Who am I?

We explore ancient and modern philosophers' understanding of the self. Topics discussed include personal identity over time, the denial of a...

self-knowledge, the Unconscious view
Course German 3: Intermediate

This communicative course develops the learners' oral and written proficiency in German in most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in a...

German view
Course The City of Oxford, 1850 - 1914

We will investigate the economic, social and cultural changes that Oxford underwent in the later Victorian and Edwardian periods, taking it from a...

Architecture, History, Victorian, Edwardian, Social history view
Course The Reflecting Heart: Mystical Islamic Poetry 8

The poetic tradition of Islam expresses an aspect very different from theological understandings, being centred on love, beauty and the yearning...

heart, Islamic, mystical, Poetry view
Course Jane Austen

Many readers enjoy Austen’s novels but cannot define the qualities that make them so special and enduring. This course will help you to analyse...

Jane Austen, Fiction, Novels, Women's writing, Nineteenth-century, Eighteenth - century view
Course The Age of Shogun: Japanese History 1600-1868

This course provides a general overview over early modern Japanese society during the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868).  During this period, foreign...

Japan, Shogun, History, Early modern, Tokugawa, Edo view
Course Thought Experiments in Philosophy

Can philosophical hypotheses be tested from the armchair? Yes: by conducting thought experiments. In this course, we explore a range of thought...

Mind, Philosophy, Social sciences, Theory, thought experiments view
Course The American Civil War

The American Civil War witnessed 11 states leave the United States to form the Confederate States of America, was...

The American Civil War view
Course Character In Modernist Fiction

“On or about December 1910," Virginia Woolf famously wrote, "human character changed". So too did characters in fiction. This course explores the...

The Novel, Fiction, Modernism view
Course The Age of Satire

The end of censorship in 1695 in England led to a dramatic change in the way people read and consumed political information.  Occasional satires (...

satire view
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