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Arabic 4

This communicative course develops the learners’ oral and written proficiency in Arabic in a wider range of situations and with a degree of fluency.

This Upper intermediate level course is between levels B1 and B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is for students who wish to develop their oral and written skills to interact with a degree of fluency and confidence in Arabic. The participants will be encouraged to converse with some spontaneity, discuss familiar topics and contemporary society, and listen to radio and TV broadcast. The course will extend the students’ knowledge of the culture and contemporary Arabic society through the study of texts and/or recordings on current affairs.

The class activities will focus on listening, speaking, grammar structures and cultural awareness; and students will be encouraged to practise reading and writing skills in their own time. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact in the target language through class activities, discussions, scenarios and role-plays.

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2019-09-30 12:21
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