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Cell Biology: a Primer

Cells are the basic building blocks of life. In order to understand how an organism works, it is important to study the basic biology of a cell and how its complexity drives function of tissues and organisms. In this course we will cover the basic structure of a cell across various kingdoms. This will lay the foundation for us to understand in more detail, the intricacies of the architecture of a cell that determines the shape and movements of eukaryotes. We will study the movement of molecules and organelles within cells, in addition to understanding how cells divide.

The essence of life is in a cell's DNA, so we will understand how DNA is used to make proteins and how these move within cells. Finally, we will look at how cells communicate, within and to other cells. The techniques that are used to understand the basics of cell biology will also be covered. This course is attractive for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of the biology of life, and will lead to an understanding of how things can go wrong in complex life.

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2018-04-24 10:02
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