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Chinese 1: Beginners

This interactive course provides an introduction to Chinese language and culture. It is for complete beginners as well as those who have learnt some Chinese expressions and phrases through travel or socialising.

The course content is equivalent to level A1+ of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The topics and grammar knowledge will enable students to communicate in a basic range of everyday situations relating to personal needs, and the cultural information will help understand simple references to the most common aspects of the culture and everyday life in China.

The class activities will focus on listening, speaking and the exploration of culture; and students will be encouraged to practise reading and writing skills in their own time. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact in the target language, leading to the development of the four language skills as well as learning basic grammar structures.

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2019-10-07 11:13
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Document About Chinese characters

How a Chinese character is formed and a brief introduction to the origin of Chinese characters.

Huiqiu Godfrey
Document 30 Basic Radicals Practice Sheet

Practice materials

Huiqiu Godfrey
Link Daxing International Airport

A video clip of the new international airport, Beijing, PR China