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'The Conference of the Birds' by Farīd al-dīn ʿAttar

Conference of the Birds’ (Mantiq al-Ṭayr) by Farīd al-dīn ʿAttar (d.1221) is considered a masterpiece of Persian poetry. It is also one of the great mystical texts of the world, continuing to inspire artists and spiritual seekers in both the East and the West since it was written in the 13th century. As such, it provides an excellent introduction to underlying themes and principles of Islamic spirituality and mysticism.

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Document Introduction to ʿAttar and 'Conference of the Birds'

A introduction to the life and times of Farīd al-dīn ʿAttar, plus some background to 'Conference of the Birds'.

Jane Clark
Document Week 4: Some Quotes on faith and infdelity

Quotes by Hallāj, ʿAyn al-Qudat al-Hamadanī and ʿAttar on the subject of faith and infidelity

Jane Clark
Document Shaykh San'an

A poem by Geoff Johnson inspired by the story of Shaykh San'an in 'Attar's 'Conference of the Birds'.

Jane Clark
Document The Image of the Beloved

A talk by Jane Clark on the role of imagination in Islamic love poetry

Jane Clark
Document A Reading List for 'Conference of the Birds'

A reading list giving information about the best translations and commentaries available for 'Attar's 'Conference of the Birds'.

Jane Clark