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The Craft of Writing

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This course offers all those interested in fiction, poetry or drama the chance to develop a personal style. In a creative and supportive atmosphere explore how to create and, most importantly, complete new writing.

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2012-05-08 09:06
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Document Possession and the Apostrophe

How to use an apostrophe to indicate possession.

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Document The General and the Specific

How to work with the general and specific, the abstract and concrete.

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Document Rewriting - an introduction

Sometimes tinkering around with the text is not enough, a complete rewrite is needed.

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Document Commas

A practical approach to using commas in creative writing.

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Link Approaches to Plotting

Striking a balalnce between characterization and plot.

Link Poemhunter

A US archive of poetry

Link The Poetry Society

Website for the Poetry Society

Link Creative Writing Workshop

The Creative Writing Project from the V&A