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Cybersecurity and Networks

This is a computer networks and cybersecurity course which focuses on network terminology and protocols, local-area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), OSI & TCP/IP, IP4/6 addressing, wireless network security and cybersecurity.

This course will cover trends in cyber security as well as career opportunities available in the field. In the age of the 'Internet of Everything' (IoE), the networked connections of people, processes, data, and the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) create a greater need for a strong security infrastructure. The course defines cybersecurity, explains why it is important, Introduces architectures, structure, functions, components and models of the computer networks including IPv4 and IPv6 networks, Virtual Priviate Networks (VPN), LAN/WAN technologies and network services required by converged applications in complex systems. Configuring and troubleshooting broadband connections will also be considered.

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2018-04-24 10:23
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Cybersecurity and Networks- Introduction

Indra Bandara