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Introducing Geological Science

Geology uses all the sciences to explain the workings of our planet: Earth’s origin, its composition, continents and oceans, mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes, the history of life, climate change, energy resources, species diversity and natural disasters.

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Document Geological timescale

Stratigraphic column (Open University)

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Document Earth's chemical composition and mineralogy

Table of rock types and minerals forming the Earth's core, mantle, oceanic crust and continental crust.

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Link Your Planet Earth

A series of powerpoint presentations designed for schoolteachers, but also suitable for adults studying introductory geology. This is part of an...

Link Ian West’s Geology websites

Undergraduate level descriptions of field localities, with geological maps, photos and references. This URL is for the index to Dr IM West’s many...

Link United States Geological Survey

This is one of many USGS websites. Here you will find links to numerous web pages provided by USGS and the Smithsonian Institution.

Link British Geological Survey

The Geology of Britain viewer allows the user to click on any place in Britain and find out what rock outcrops there. Geological maps can be...