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Introduction to Coaching

Helping anyone interested in using coaching, whether professionally, as a life-skill, or to achieve better results in their work with others. Thought provoking and practical, we explore the theory and skills of good coaching.

Whether you are just curious about coaching, have a little understanding of what it involves, would like to develop some core skills in it to use in your work, or think it might be useful in parenting, or as a life skill, this is the course for you.  In a supportive environment, we shall explore the core skills, the mindset necessary to be an effective coach, understand the boundaries of coaching, and what you need to do to protect yourself and your 'client'.  Regardless of their starting point, participants will have plenty of opportunity to put their learning into practice and should emerge with solid skills, the ability to self-assess and improve, and the confidence to apply coaching in ways that they have not previously tried. Some students may wish to go on to the Advanced Coaching Course, but the Introduction stands alone and should leave you ready to work in your chosen way.

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2016-09-22 13:32
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