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An Introduction to Javascript

This course is an introduction to the programming language called JavaScript. Students will learn what JavaScript is and how it is used, particularly on websites. The course requires no previous knowledge in programming.

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2016-09-16 11:50
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Link Mozilla Developer Network (JavaScript)

The MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) is a global community who write documentation on various aspects of the web. Said documentation is written for...

Document Variables and Typing

This document consists of two parts. The first part demonstrates how JavaScript is run on a web page, and shows you a simple workflow which will...

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Document Control Flow Statements

This document talks about two of the most important concepts used in any script: the conditional and the loop. Every single script that consists...

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Link Can I use... is a web site dedicated to documenting the differences, or lack thereof, between browers. This site is a valuable resource for those...

Document Functions and Objects

This document talks about the two major ways that scripts are broken up into reuseable parts: functions and objects. Functions detail how...

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