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Islamic Mystical Poetry 3

The poetic tradition of Islam expresses an aspect very different from theological/legal understandings, and is centred on love, yearning and ecstatic union with the divine. This course will focus on four major poets from the classical period (13th C).

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2013-01-17 15:07
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Document Ibn al-Fāriḍ: An Introduction

A basic overview of life and work, plus a short introduction to "The Wine Ode".

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Document Ibn al-Farid: The Wine Ode

The text of one of Ibn al-Farid's most famous poems, as translated by Th. Emil Homerin

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Document Reading List Islamic Mystical Poetry

Recommended material on Sufism and the Islamic poetic tradition, plus specific reading lists for each poet, updated week by week

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Document Introduction to Islamic Mystical Poetry 3

An overview of the course and a recap of Islamic Mystical Poetry 1 & 2

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Document Ibn al-Farid: Three More Poems

Three additional poems studied in Week 2 to give a taste of the range of imagery and tone used by Ibn al-Farid.

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Document Notes on the Wine Ode

An introduction to the concept of 'remembrance' (dhikr) in the Islamic mystical tradition, and plus further notes on some of the technical terms...

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Document Fakhr al-din 'Iraqi: introduction

A brief introduction to 'Iraqi's life and times, with extracts from some of his poems. One of the greatest love-poets in the Persian language (a...

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Document Fakhr al-din 'Iraqi: poems

A selection of some of 'Iraqi's poems in translation

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Document 'Iraqi: Sufi views of Love

A selection of important discussion about love, focusing on the Konya school that studied and carried on Ibn 'Arabi's teachings: extracts from...

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Document Oneness of Being

An extract from William Chittick's introduction to 'Iraqi's Divine Flashes: it gives a clear exposition of the Oneness of Being and the Perfect...

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Link The religion of love

A wide-ranging lecture on the meaning of Ibn 'Arabi's famous phrase, delivered by a prominent Iranian, Dr Elahi Gomshei, at a conference in 2007...

Document Yunus Emre: life

A short overview of what is known of the life of the great Turkish poet Yunus Emre (d. 1320). 

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Document Yunus Emre: selected poems

A selection of seven poems by Yunus Emre in translation.

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Document The Life and Works of Jalāl al-dīn Rūmī

An short intoduction to session on Rumi, focussing particularly upon his Dīwān.

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Document Ghazal 2214 from Rumi's Dīwān

Two different translations of what is perhaps the most famous poem from the Dīwān.

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Document Five Wine Poems from Rumi's Dīwān

A selection of poems with different translators on the theme of wine and spiritual intoxifaction

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Document Book List 2

An updated book list including recommended general reading as well as specific lists for Ibn al-Fāriḍ and Jelāl al-dīn Rūmī.

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