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Loyalty, Locality and the Nation

In the eighteenth century, new concepts of national identity began emerging. In the process long established local identities were challenged. And nowhere was that more true than Britain. This course explores those challenges, asking just what was meant by the idea of the nation?

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Image collection American Revolution Cartoon 1774

One of three contemporary caricatures (cartoons) shown here offering satirical insights into the American conflict.

In this print America...

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Image collection British cartoon on the American Revolution

The second of three cartoons on Britain and the American Revolution

This cartoon has a very different tone from the previous one. It shows...

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Image collection Tory satire on American Revolution

The third of three cartoons on Britain and the American revolutionary movement

This print also takes a Tory approach to the conflict, in...

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Document Free-born Britons in America? Connecticut Resolutions, 1765

Contemporary American documents from: The Avalon Project, Yale Law School

These extracts give us a great insight into the mindset of...

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Document A Nation in Embryo? Paine on Freedom & Tyranny

These extracts, from the first in a series of pamphlets written by Thomas Paine between 1776 and 1783, really illustrate Paine's political...

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Document Nation Making, French Revolutionary Style: What is the Third Estate?

These extracts, from one of the key early pamphlets of the French Revolution, represent one of the first attempts to define the nation in a modern...

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Image collection Image of Modern French Government

Over 200 years on the Revolution continues to influence and impact most notably in our conception of the modern nation-state - as can clearly be...

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Document A Nation in Danger? The New World fears for the Old

The theme of the potential dangers of a second wave revolution was also picked up on in America – whose own revolution was far more consistently...

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Document Burke the Prophet?: Reflections on the French Revolution

Interestingly it was Burke however who was the first to go public with his fears, in 1790. And his early warning of the dangers of French...

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Image collection The Coming of Terror

In this remarkable cartoon, published weeks before the collapse of constitutional monarchy in France, King George III is shown examining a...

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Image collection An English view of French terror

Infamous and striking print by English artist, James Gillray. It portrays the September Massacres, 1792, which heralded the beginning of the...

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Document Nationalism: A Brief Exploration

A brief guide to Nationalism: some key themes and issues

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Link Tom Paine

Essay on Thomas Paine and his legacy (BBC)

Link Edmund Burke

Radio Broadcast on Edmund Burke and his legacy (BBC Radio)

Link French Declaration of Rights of Man

French Declaration of Rights (Avalon Project, Yale Law School)


Link Declaration of Independence

American Declaration of Independence (Avalon Project, Yale Law School)


Link James Gillray Collection

French National Library collection with over 40 images of Gillray caricatures related to the French Revolution.


Link Gillray Biog

Relatively short but useful pocket biography of James Gillray, one of Britain's greatest ever socio-political caricaturists, with some insightful...

Document Liberty, Licentiousness & the Law

Extracts from a Charge to a Grand Jury in 1792, illustrating the wide ranging cultural effects of French Terror - and indeed British anti-Terror...

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Document The State of Local Government

A brief overview of Local Government and its Idiosyncrasies

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Document Government & the Fear of 'French Principles'

A brief extract from am inter-governmental letter illustrating early British fears about the potential appeal of French-style radicalism

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Document Anti-Terror Measures & Parliamentary Concerns

An extract from a House of Commons speech by an M.P. offering critical observations on government anti-Terror measures - note the ironic...

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Document Volunteer Songs

An extract from a Local Volunteer song, clearly designed to whip up patriotic support.

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Document Loyalty & its Limits?

Two documents relating to Local Volunteer movements during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period. Note the highly localised nature of these...

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Document Local Government & Volunteering

Two documents related to Local Government and its role in Volunteer movements, both from Birmingham - something of a hot bed of local politics...

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Document Central Government & Volunteering

Extracts from government correspondence discussing the potential, and indeed pitfalls, of local volunteer initatives. Note the central dilemma the...

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Link The Volunteer Movement Generally

An excellent article on Volunteer Movements in England throughout the period , by J.E. Cookson, which originally appeared in the Historical...

Document Wilkes & The Power of Words

The emerging power of the press, and the media generally, really began to show itself however in the 1760s, thanks to the work of this man –...

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Image collection Effects of Civil War?

The print shown here, The World Turned Upside Down, comes from the English Civil War period and is a good early example of political comment in...

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Image collection satire on the King

This Gillray print is one of many which satirised the King in the 1790s, on this occasion rather mockingly referrring to his widely imagined...

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Document The Local Press

These extracts from the Hampshire Chronicle illustrate the sheer range of interests to be found at times in the local press, from grand national...

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Link British Caricatures & the French Revolution

This link takes you to an excellent French website with a wide selection of English caricatures of the French Revolution including several by...

Document Pamphlets & Hannah More

Hannah More was one of the leading contributors to the loyalist pamphlet campaign of the 1790s. This document contains an image of the front cover...

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Document Pamphlets & Local Identity

Whilst many loyalist pamphlets made a general appeal to loyalty on the grounds of nationalism or patriotism, others specifically made use of local...

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Document Pamphlets & Patriotism

Loyalist propaganda was carefully targeted at times to appeal to specific groups or interests. In these two examples History & Gender appear...

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Document The London Corresponding Society

Unsurprisingly the Paineite London Corresponding Society came under frequent attack for its allegedly radical aims.

Here we see one of...

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Document Contemporary Views on Paine

And here two contrasting contemporary views on Paine, from very different ends of the political spectrum.

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Document Paineite Radicalism

Publication of Paine’s Rights of Man in 1791, in response to Burke’s Reflections, compounded the general sense of unease a notch more, as Paine’s...

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Image collection Georgian royal satire

The royal family was far from revered for much of the Georgian period, as epitomised here in this satire on the (temporary) reconciliation of the...

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Document The Regency Debate

Concerns about the King’s sanity had long surrounded George III and led to fierce rivalry between the pro and anti King factions, including...

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