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Mathematics and Statistics for the Life Sciences

The course will introduce mathematical and statistical tools used in the life sciences. Key modelling methods are essential and thus the derivative, as well as higher derivatives, will be discussed.

Methods of elementary differentiation and integration will be introduced, including the use of numerical algorithms such as Simpson's rule. We will look at biological relationships expressed as functions in particular at exponential decay, sinusoidal variations and curves obtained from conic sections. Hypothesis testing and the determination for confidence intervals from samples will also be highlighted, in addition methods of locating and identifying patterns in both continuous and discrete data will be introduced implementing the ideas of correlation and regression via the method of ordinary least squares for single and multiple explanatory variables.

To conclude, we will study the probability distributions used in the Life Sciences in particular at: the normal, binomial, Poisson, chi squared and Students t-distributions.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of maths or statistics and on completion students will be able to analyse and model their data.

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2017-01-13 11:51
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