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The Meaning of Life

What do philosophers have to say about the meaning of life? Why do some think that this question is meaningless? Does a scientific world view imply that life has no meaning? Is meaning simply a matter of caring about things or are there objective values?

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2012-12-18 10:24
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Link Interview with John Cottingham on the meaning of life

Short interview with John Cottingham on the meaning of life. Part of the series Philosophy Bites.

Document Meaning of Life - Resources

A list of philosophy resources on the meaning of life, with some general recommendations and specific resources for each week of the course....

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Document Meaning of Life - Essay questions

Essay questions for the course 'The Meaning of Life'.

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Link John Conttingham on 'Happiness, God and the Meaning of Life'

2010 Erasmus Lecture given by John Cottingham at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California, February 2010.

Link Interview with Susan Wolf on meaning in life

Short interview with Susan Wolf on meaning in life. Part of the series Philosophy Bites.

Link Guide to Producing Coursework

A guide to producing coursework for the OUDCE weekly class programme.

Document Philosophy assignment advice

Some tips for reading philosophical literature and writing philosophy papers with links to further resources on the topic.

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