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Musical Analysis - Early to Classical

Studying one work each week, a wide range of music will be analysed - concentrating on works from the Baroque and Classical periods. Different works may require slightly different approaches but common principles of analysis will be developed.

The purpose of musical analysis is to understand the underlying structure of the works which we consider to be beautiful and worthwhile in their own right. Some aspects of this structure have been consciously planned by the composer but others, often remarkable instances of hidden structure, occur subconsciously. A starting point for analysis will usually be a simple description of the work's obvious features, whether it falls into several movements, how the themes are disposed within the movements and so on. This term's analysis concentrates upon works from the Baroque and Classical periods.

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Document John Sheppard - Verbum Caro

A modern edition of John Sheppard's Verbum Caro.

Document John Sheppard - In manus tuas

A modern edition of John Sheppard's In manus tuas

Audio Verbum caro - Sheppard + PC on Bb - blank tenor.sib

The Sibelius file of the first part of John Sheppard's Verbum caro with missing tenor part. The plainchant for this text is given at the...

Document Vivaldi - Winter

A pdf score of Winter from The Four Seasons

Link Antonio Vivaldi - "The Four Seasons" - "Winter" - (Violin : Itzhak Perlman)

A great performance of Winter by Perlman

Document Antonio Vivaldi - "The Four Seasons" - "Winter" - Mutopia edition score

The Mutopia edition score uses larger print and so is much easier to read. It also uses exactly the letters that Vivaldi uses for his Sonetto...

Link Bach - Vioiln Concerto in A minor - BWV 1041

A link to the IMSLP page of scores of Bach's Vioiln Concerto in A minor - BWV 1041. The version that I have photocopied for you is the Barenreiter...

Audio Comparing temperaments (tunings)

Here is a sound file that shows why something like equal temperament became an imperative. These examples demonstrate the difference between equal...

Audio Comparing temperaments (tunings) - 2

A companion file for "Comparing temperaments (tunings)". This file demonstrates the sound of Bach's C# Prelude (no. 3 from Book 1 of the "48") in...

Link The 22 shrutis of the Indian classical tradition

Arising from our talk about equal temperament Soumya has sent me the link to a very interesting talk on the shrutis of Indian classical music....

Document Haydn - Creation - Awake the Harp

Vocal score of Awake the Harp

Document Haydn - Creation - The Heavens are Telling

Vocal score of The Heavens are Telling

Audio Haydn - Creation - The Heavens are Telling - Sibelius file

A Sibelius file of The Heavens are Telling -