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Mystical Islamic Poetry 7

The poetic tradition of Islam expresses an aspect very different from theological/legal understandings, being centred on love, yearning and ecstatic union with the divine. This course will focus on six poets from the pre-modern period (16-18th century).

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Document Uftade and the Ottoman Tradition

An introduction to the Ottoman period, the tradition of Divan poetry and music, and Uftade's life.

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Document Uftade: poems

A series of poems extracted from Uftade's Divan.

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Document The Symbol of the Nightingale

A paper by Professor Luce Lopez-Baralt of the symbolism of the nightingale in the poetry of St John of the Cross, and its origins in Islamic...

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Document Niyazi Misri

A brief overview of Niyazi Misri's life

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Document Niyazi Misri poems

Four poems by Niyazi Misri, in a new translation by Stephen Hirtenstein.

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Document Introduction to Sultan Bahu

A short overview of the life and work of this much-loved Punjābī poet (d.1691)

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Document A selection of poems by Sultan Bahu

A set of nine 'abyāt' (four line poems).

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Document A list of poets studied

A summary of all the poets studied during Mystical Islamic Poetry 1-7.

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Document An Introduction to ʿAbd al-Ghanī al-Nabulusi (d. 1731)

An overview of the life and times of the famous Ottoman poet of Damascus.

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Document Selected Poems by al-Nabulusi (d. 1731)

Six short poems, five from his "Diwan al-Haqā'iq" and one from "Burj Bābel".

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Document Samer Akkach on al-Nabulusi's "Wine of Babel"

Samer Akkach “The Wine of Babel: Landscape, Gender and Poetry in Early Modern Damascus”, in Lonaard Magazine, 7/2, 2012, pp. 76-90

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Document Samer Akkach on al-Nabulusi's visit to the Dome of the Rock

Samer Akkach, “The Poetics of Concealment: al-Nabulusi’s Encounter with the Dome of the Rock” Muqarnas 22, 2005, pp. 110-27.

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Document Shaikh Galib

An introduction to the life and times of Sheikh Galib (Şeyh Galıp), one of the greatest Ottoman mystical poets and author of Beauty and Love (Hüsn...

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