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New Testament Greek

This ancient language course in New Testament Greek explores the world of the 1st century AD by studying selected passages from the NewTestament, and writers such as Philo and Josephus.

Koine, or New Testament Greek is the written language of the New Testament and other historical writings from the 1st century BC onwards. This course will examine the language using a variety of contemporary and early accounts from the time of Jesus, including the New Testament, the historians  Josephus and Philo and the Septuagint the first Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. Ideally a basic knowledge of Greek and the alphabet would be an advantage, but absolute beginners are welcome provided they have acquainted themselves with the alphabet. Selected passages from all these texts will be translated and analysed and the historical framework,  provided by the historians mentionedwill be discussed. The course would be a useful addition for classicists and biblical scholars alike.

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