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New Testament Greek 1

Open an English Bible. Dip into a few different books. You will find that the style of the English is fairly homogenous. Although biblical books vary in genre and content, within any single English Bible they all sound rather alike in terms of their language, which is the translators' language.

Exploring the New Testament in Greek is an enthralling experience. One comes to realise that each NT book has its own distinctive style and character. The literature comes alive. One starts to gain insight into the fascinating complexities involved in interpreting NT texts, complexities which Bible translators have already "solved" by the time the English reader encounters the text. Translators are hereby doing nothing duplicitous; it is their job to produce a coherent text in English. But no English version will satisfy the curiosity of anyone interested in the complexities of interpretation and translation.

This course is designed for those with no prior experience. Starting with the alphabet,  we will spend two terms studying the grammar and language of NT Greek using Jeremy Duff's excellent book, The Elements of New Testament Greek (3rd revised edition; Cambridge University Press, 2005). We will use a range of classroom techniques to suit a range of learning styles, including chanting aloud (which is much more fun than one might think), written exercises and small translations. As we proceed we will delve into texts as they become accessible to us, discussing the fascinating complexities of interpretation and translation along way. The course will equip you to study the Greek New Testament with the aid of a lexicon and to follow technical discussions in exegetical commentaries on NT books.

Resources for this course

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Link Abbott-Smith's Lexicon at

Abbott-Smith, George.  Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1922. (hardback) OR the same in ...

Link Vocabulary learning on Memrise

Memrise is a free language-learning website. Someone has helpfully uploaded the vocabulary lists from Jeremy Duff's Elements of New Testament...

Link Moulton's Grammar of New Testament Greek

From, a digital copy of a classic grammar of New Testament Greek.

Link Pronunciation of New Testament Greek

This is a very debated subject! Here is one very thorough exploration of it. 

For learning purposes, though, it is easier to stick to a...

Link Nestle-Aland 28th Edition

This links to the online version of the NA28. Very useful for reading on the go and for cutting and pasting text. However, it does not contain the...

Link Songs translate into Greek

Including pop songs, hymns, etc. I cannot vouch for all the Greek on the website, but it might be interesting!

Link Writing the Greek Alphabet

A helpful animation for learning to write the letters. For some people (e.g. lefthanded) other methods for some of the letters might be more...

Link Greek Alphabet Songs collection

Every possible pronunciation!

Link BibleHub

A very useful website with not only multiple English translations of the Bible, but also various Greek texts, with interlinear translation and...

Link Quizlet Vocabulary Learning Website

Excellent vocabulary quizzing website. Many of Duff's vocabulary sets are already on here. Create a log in. 

Link Memrise vocabulary learning website

There are at least two full sets of Jeremy Duff's vocabulary. One contains several chapters at once (good for revision). This one contains one...

Link Logeion Greek dictionary (online)

Very useful website with several (classical) Greek dictionaries in the tabs. You need a Greek font installed to search in Greek, but once you do...

Link How to add Greek fonts to your computer

Here is a llink to a website with instructions for Macs and PCs on how to install various polytonic (including accents) Greek fonts. 

Link Installing Teknia Greek font

This is a free Koine Greek font developed by Bill Mounce. I haven't tried it, but some like it. 

Link Unicode fonts for Greek

Unicode fonts make life so much simpler as they should display the same across multiple computers and platforms.